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Laser Hair Removal in Olathe

At KC Health Solutions we offer Laser Hair Removal and more with our Clarity II Laser. Clarity II can tackle everything from hair removal and pigmented lesions to wrinkle reduction, acne, and conditions such as rosacea, hemangiomas, telangiectasia, and café au lait. Clarity II can be used on all skin types and all procedures are quick with minimal pain.

Laser Hair Removal in Olathe
Laser Hair Removal Olathe, Kansas

What to Expect During a Laser Treatment?

Prior to your first treatment, each patient will fill out a health history form so our Provider can review your skin type, ethnic background, previous laser experience, and current medications. This allows her to set the laser up in a way that will be most comfortable and effective for you! 

You will receive a complimentary consultation with her to review your desired treatment areas and come up with a treatment plan together. This is a great time to ask any questions about the treatment process and ensure you feel comfortable with, and understand, the plan.

To prepare your skin for the laser, you may be required to shave, or wipe off any oils, lotions, makeup, etc. Once your skin is prepped, the treatment itself will only take a few minutes! Pain is minimal but can range depending what area you are treating and what type of removal you are receiving. Most patients are pleasantly surprised with how painless the procedure is!

After treatment, you'll receive after-care instructions. Avoiding skincare for a few hours, and sun exposure for a few weeks will be important to avoiding irritation. Treatments are set up 4-6 weeks apart due to the natural hair growth cycle, but you should see slower and thinner hair growth after the first session or two. Spot treatments for skin blemishes and veins can vary in treatment requirements so taking advantage of a free consultation will give you the best idea of treatment options.

All treatments are 50% OFF during MARCH!
To request your complimentary consultation, click below!

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